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My intention with creating Peace Place for Kids is to connect children to peace through mindfulness, meditation, and movement and to give parents the tools to help children live a more balanced, happy and joyful life.

magic carpet yoga

Bring Magic Carpet Yoga LIVE to your school or download at home!

peaceful parenting

Our Peaceful Parenting video classes gives parents and educators the tools to create a mindful home and raise peaceful kids using intention, gratitude, positive thinking and more. 

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pop up for peace

Bring Kathy to your church, studio or wellness center for a special workshop that gives families the tools to live more peaceful lives.

audio meditations

Help your child breathe, relax and feel calm.



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peace begins with me

It’s not about finding peace or looking for peace. It’s about connecting with peace. At Peace Place, we give children the tools to connect with the place of peace. You can’t strive, work hard, or study hard to find peace. Peace is a place of letting go and then the connection happens. How do children who are taught the opposite learn to let go? We let go of tension in the body through movement and exercises that move energy. We let go of thought through meditation. We let go of control by focusing on positive energy filled with gratitude. Why peace? Because peace is where your life soars.

Connecting with peace puts the child in harmony with life. When children connect with peace, they live a life of joy, because that is what they attract. They are able to go to that place of peace inside, no matter what is happening on the outside, and ultimately, peace is where the power lies. They are in control when they are at peace. External influences don’t bother them. When children connect with peace, they are able to listen to their own inner voice and intuition. Intuition guides the children to do what is best for them, which brings them to a vibration of peace. This vibration of peace attracts more good things and takes the child round and round in a circle of joy.


Teach kids to be positive, grateful and listen to their hearts and intuition.

Books available in the Kripalu Bookstore, Stockbridge, MA!

"It's beautiful. She's returning magic to educations. In a time when everything is so quantified and test driven, it's wonderful to have the balance returned. kathy's books are helping children find the joy in everyday life."

~Alison, K-8 Public School Teacher





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